Visit & Design

The design process includes the following:

  • A meeting with a design consultant to discuss the client’s storage and organizational requirements.
  • A visit by the designer to check the location and available space.
  • The designer presents one or more design solutions based on the requirements and budget.

Production & Technology

  • Once the design is approved, it is scheduled for production.

  • Our factory is equipped with automated machinery from leading manufacturers such as HOMAG, Altendorf, and Biesse.



  • On the day of installation, a team of qualified technicians is dispatched to deliver the job.

  • Our technicians are highly trained to ensure the safety of the customer’s property during unloading and installation.

  • This team will install the product in an efficient manner. They are trained to address challenging site conditions during installation such as slanted walls and uneven floors.

  • After the work is fully completed, a supervisor will check the site to ensure that the work is properly executed and that the site is well cleaned.

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